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О себе и о ремонте

Interior design philosophy ALLARTSDESIGN based on the principles of effective and neodnobraznogo creating an atmosphere of public spaces.

We justify our solution, each, and at all stages of the design functionality and environmental friendliness is second only to the aesthetics and comfort. Our business card - the author's eclecticism and industrial combining monumental classicism luxury and impeccable hendmeyd style with a modern twist.

Accumulated decades of professionalism, experience and taste allows us to design the space of any complexity and interaction with European partners ensures a reasonable approach to design.

The final stage of realization of individual concepts using the original elements of the interior

emphasize the importance and success of your business! Предоставляемые услуги Design furniture (sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves). Interior design, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, apartments, studios, cafes, kitchen, living room, etc. География работ Working on the territory of the Russian Federation, are ready to participate in various international projects, konkurskah and exhibitions. Награды и дипломы!about-allartsdesign/c161y


Пермский край



Пермский край