Max Melnitskiy

О себе и о ремонте

About me:

Maxim Melnitskiy – the founder and the leading architect of the "Eco wave studio" company.

Graduated from the Architecture and Urban Development School of the “National Academy of Environmental Protection and Resort Development” (Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine).

From the early youth upwards took interest in esoteric doctrines, Feng Shui and extraneous events of our planet. Drunvalo Melchizedek’s, James Tiberon’s works, Roerich’s teaching “Agni Yoga” have influenced on my constructions, engineering design and development engineering.

My basic concern is the practical application and adaptation of these principles and wisdom in life and in architecture, which could and should be widely used in the XXI century architecture.

Eco Wave Studio – is an architect company, working in the in the sense of ecotecture or Ecological Architecture.

Apart from standard procedures of the ecological architecture, “ECO WAVE STUDIO” company offers implementation of some new attainments and principium:

application of the sacred geometry in the capacity of the creation matrix;

psychical energy capabilities knowledge application (particularly human’s);

principle of proportionality (customized approach to the constructions size spectrum in accordance with it’s purpose);

principle of unity of all outdoor;

planetary ethereous space lattices and Earth’s lines of flux.