О себе и о ремонте

We differ in our approach by a certain idea of the space (connections of objects to their environment, relation between the volumes and their finishes), a particular attention on the manners, about their meanings and their actors, a practical and theoretical knowledge of materials (occurring in the light, the insulation, the cover, the furniture) and their construction. We always try to develop our capacity to abstract from the existing space and from our current knowledge to try ceaselessly to arouse through every project a global and new vision. The implementation of concept allows us to express one or several main ideas which are going to guide our intervention and to give a coherence to all creations which will result from it. Starting a project from a concept it is to give the architectural intervention a different meaning by making a translation, among the others, about the intentions, the manners or the values of the customer. The impermanence which exists in our profession invites us in a certain modesty in our approach which exists on the artistic side only by its applications. To be completed every project must be unique, the perfect between a time and users living through it. We are in fact revelating more that creating. The space, the object do not live by those who created them but through those who live them and use them.

Before asserting us as interior designer, we are above all creators. Creators and not creative because we consider as integral part of our creation all the real dimension of the realization of our ideas.

If we create regularly products of environment within the framework of the projects of interior design of the agency we also have the capacity to build an analysis allowing the total creation of an object.

We are always creating a frame a context to initiate the reflexion by the creation of the virtual universe of the proposed product, our solutions not being able according to us free and\or anecdotal. Every product answers precise constraints and it is only by this way that he can become relevant and in his feature and in his aesthetics.

A knowledge of the codes and the history of the industrial design allows us to give a realistic context to our intuitions and to propose a real approach on the design of the object.

Our reflexion, closer by the practice, of the real quotation of spaces and objects, allows us to approach the perceptible reality lived by the user and to master its rules.